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I'm going to answer that the trip went well, I can tell you about crystal clear waters and enchanting places. I can excite you telling you about some rough days, with tall swells beating the hull and smacking the mast...for hours.

I can make you dream telling you about the night passages with dolphins shining in the bio-luminescence but I don't feel to tell anymore about all of this. I feel it makes the dream fade away, story after story. Like it has already happened for years after years through thousands of miles to every living sailor.

I feel that is coming the right time to tell you about something different... A time when the universe play with you, and you can truly enjoy its presence. Carrying you with a smooth wind and swell to make you enjoy a fine passage and to make you enjoy a world that is paradise, built just for me, wising it will never end.

Awakening your senses with strong gusts and splash of salt water that reach deep inside your soul, like a lightening in a clear sky, to teach you how to be a skilled sailor and remind you that nature never sleep. Giving you flying fish laying on the deck as a breakfast, without even dropping a hook. Offering you coconuts, floating by the beach, after snorkeling into alien looking scenarios. Offering you underwater treasures, after your bait get stock in a rock at the bottom and when you dive to recover it, there you find an abandoned anchor entangled to a rock, perfect for your dinghy, that the night before you were dreaming about. Maybe offering you the worst weather conditions, not forecasted, to make you look for shelter in an unexpected bay, and discover the most scenic fire-works show is going to take place, just there, in front of you. I laugh, I cry, because I know all this is offered when you know how to enjoy the universe and have no expectations about what next.

Trinidad to Grenada

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