I really don’t know where to start but I will say the service I got from start to finish was beyond my expectations. I contacted Leanna with an idea and general information about the service/services they rendered and how to go about planning my photo shoot and dinner. What I got was someone fully devoted and capable of not only assisting with coordinating but assisting with the brain storming because it was a surprise. The location is perfect quite comforting and homely. We were allowed to take photos around the dock and by the catamaran as well as some other beautiful areas around the dock. Leanna kept in touch for the entire duration and we were planning this a little over a month getting balloons, flowers, candles, special notes all the variety of stuff needed to make the day special. Everything was done in a timely manner and very professional. Even dinner was amazing and she assisted in planning the menu so ensure everything was on point. The yacht was clean and well presented with flowers and various decor. The food was amazing. Thank you Fabio again for the wonderful dinner and dessert(Mediterranean food and desserts are lovely and the presentation was on point as well)Thank you Leanna for your professionalism and patience. Was an extraordinary experience and I would recommend anyone to the service. You guys really exceeded my expectations and I thank you all for the day. Even if you have an idea or just want information about their services I suggest you try out GoWest and have a talk with Leanna and Fabio great service. Thank you again for a wonderful experience something different and welcoming

Atiba, Trinidad

Celebrating my one year wedding anniversary on board Azzurro will definitely be an unforgettable experience for years to come. I surprised my wife with dinner on board this specially reserved yacht and it was such a peaceful and amazing experience. On arrival to Chaguaramas, our hosts (Leanna and Fabio) warmly welcomed us and escorted us on board this candle (LED) lit vessel. Wine was immediately served, followed by a fantastic dinner, this was then followed by an evening of relaxation with the stars above, romantic music and the gentle sway of the boat.

I must say that Leanna and Fabio made that evening a fantastic one. They treated us like royalty with their more than 'customer service'. Thank you guys soooo much. I wish you continuous success in your ventures.

Keshan Lutchman, St.Augustine.

There's a saying that goes "A picture is worth a 1000 words." Pictures of this experience definitely doesn't depicts the true essence of this moment. If you have been dreaming for a unique and intimate setting...dream no more. Fabio and Leanna make your dream come true. This couple walked me through the whole process with a passion to please their client whilst maintaining their utmost professionalism . God bless you all because you guys truly bring joy to people lives. Keep up the good work. Congrats on your success and it was pleasure meeting you guys.

Vanessa Rampersad, Couva.


Great day onboard AzzurrO . We sailed out to scotland bay, swam to shore and enjoyed some cold beers on deck. I would recomend this to everyone, its a nice opurtunity to explore the northern trini bays and isles!

Oskar Einarsen. Bergen, Norway.

We went to Scotland Bay, a beautiful lagoon outside Chaguaramas, with Go West on newyears eve. The nature was absolutely amazing, and we had the best time here. Go West does not only provides you with a great experience, but also great company! The wonderful couple Leanna and Fabio is the nicest people you will ever meet! We were three friends going with them, but this tour is also perfect for couples and families. I highly recommand this tour for everyone who visit Trinidad, and wants to experience something out of the ordinary!

Remy A. Bergen, Norway.

Amazing service amazing experience! A definite must try! Great hospitality and an overall wonderful time aboard.

Shivana Persad Ramjitsingh-Samuel, Aranguez.

Wonderful experience with Fabio and Leanna. This trip was booked as a sailing lesson birthday present and it was a great hit. Fabio explained each step as we went along and both him and Leanna were very welcoming and knowledgeable. Enjoyable and memorable experience.

A'isha Waldron, Trinidad.

It was an incredible dinner experience.A must in your "to do" list....the aura was nice and the layout was exquisite.just the way they described it.The owners (Fabio and Leanna) were the best....pleasant, friendly, professional and very accommodating. Totally worth the cost. A must try in my opinion.

Krystal Williams, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.

Last night we had the Intimate Dinner for 2 on board the yacht and it was truly an excellent evening...the ambiance, food, drink and moonlight made the experience very memorable....highly recommended for any occasion. Thanks again Leanna and Fabio, our very attentive and pleasant hosts for the evening.

Colin Hamilton, Deigo Martin. Trinidad.

Fabio and Leanna are the best! I booked the intimate dinner package last week for my girlfriend on her birthday and everything went smoothly and exactly as planned with GoWest. Leanna was very accommodating and friendly as we worked out the details for the event. Greeted by Fabio, the surprise for my girlfriend was only revealed when we got to the jetty. The ambiance on the Azzurro was romantic- lighting, music, table set for two....it took her breath away. The complimentary bottle of wine was excellent and well thought out for the evening. Dinner was prepared by a nearby restaurant and served on-board by Fabio with the ideal blend of professionalism and a friendliness that nobody can resist. I don't write many reviews but GoWest gave us a night to remember and deserve more than these 5 stars. I will be going to GoWest again in the near future for other services (or maybe the same.....who knows:)

Highly Recommended!

Larry Rampersad, Trinidad W.I.

My husband and I celebrated our last Sunday in our single/unmarried lives on board the Azzurro. what an amazing experience it was!!!I surprised my fiance with this very interesting dinner totally out of the ordinary, and certainly something he would never expect or forget. Going West of Trinidad and Tobago, most think of the boardwalk, pier 1, a boat ride, hiking trail, ziplining etc. I must say it is a wonderful concept that Leanna and Fabio have introduced, with the intimate dinner setting. The wine, the candles, the romantic music, the gentle sway...quite simply it was a perfect night out under the canopy of the stars....it is highly recommended!!!Leanna and Fabio are great hosts and very accommodating...I look forward to the Azurro experienceagain, perhaps, to head DDI with close friends!!!!

Khadija Tronchin, Trinidad W.I

Absolutely amazing words will be a understatement if used to describe how wonderful this experience was for me and my significant other.

Miguel Rodriguez, Trinidad W.I.

After such an experience I had to write this review, not only to commend Leanne and Fabio on their efforts but to also showcase their business. Leanne was so professional and polite from first contact to the moment she put all our plans into gear that I knew this surprise dinner was going up on my all-time favourites. Her patience, ideas and suggestions on making the occasion a memorable one, was readily accepted and immediately gave me a sense of “don’t worry, we got you”. Fabio, this guy was a gentleman like no other. From the time he met me to the time he dropped us back to the van, he was very kind, friendly, respectful and easy to talk to. He set us up right, checked in on us at ALL the right times and allowed us the privacy we wanted. 
The setting was one of a very personal comforting one. The ocean lay calm, lighting romantic, music soothing…allowing for only deep peaceful conversation and important one on one time. No restaurant can afford you this lay on your back, cuddle, look at the stars, and rock you to sleep, after dinner experience. 
I knew with their help I had embedded a lifetime memory in my fiancé heart…after all it took her like 10 mins of gazing around at the ambience before she started conversing with me. 

Looking for a dinner outside the box and different from the typical restaurant, wait hours to be seated, dine and scoot off dinner…we recommend Go West TT anytime to anyone.

Randy & Debbie, Trinidad.

You both are the best. Well planned everything was perfect. Customer sevice ambience food will do it all over again.

Trica Simon, Trinidad.

Fabio and Leanna are the perfect hosts on board their yacht the Azzurro. Had a wonderful unique dinner experience with my husband. Something a little different for date night. Very relaxing and romantic. The led candles and bottle of fine Italian wine sets the ambiance coupled with the moon light and swaying of the boat sets the mood. It was great. Thank you again guys for a wonderful evening.

Melissa Shivana Lall. Trinidad.

This was definitely an experience that we would both remember for the rest of our lives,,great concept put together by two very pleasant individuals. Thanks alot for a very memorable experience, would definitely be back again.

Keron Stephen. Trinidad.

If I have to recommend a private dinner just for 2 so you can make up for all the wrong you did, about to do or just wanna make your girlfriend cry... I would say let Leanna handle everything for you... their professionalism was amazing and the way she helped me put together a breathtaking anniversary dinner, an evening my girlfriend stated "was a night written in history." Fabio and Leanna helped in making our anniversary a great one, they're really great people.

Dwayne, Trinidad.

Really nice experience from beginning to end ,very comfortable.The service was off the chart, very high customer service. I will recommend Go West to everyone especially persons looking for a new adventure, an adventure that surpass any average date that trinidad can offer.

Christopher. Tobago W.I.

This was truly the most unique experience of my life, a dinner I can never forget. The night began when we met our very kind and efficient host, Fabio. The setting was very comfortable, and private. Dinner on the water at night was beautiful and relaxing. While the dining experience itself has surpassed all others, I did not expect that my life would change for the better shortly after dinner. Fabio was most helpful, and worked with my significant other to ensure everything went according to plan. Upon finishing dinner, my boyfriend presented me with the most sincere gesture I have ever experienced. The note was a genuine expression of his feelings, and I will cherish it always. When I looked up, he went on his knee and proposed. While this event was unfolding before my eyes, I remember thinking, this is the one moment I have waited for, and I cannot believe that it is happening here, in the most romantic , beautiful, perfect way and place and even more so, I was amazed at how the entirety of that night's events, is far better than everything I ever imagined before. The photographer, Fabian, was also very friendly and helped capture our most memorable night . We appreciate everything you all did to make this occasion so special for us. We definitely recommend Go West to anyone who wants to make unique experiences and memories to last a lifetime. Thank you Fabio, Leanna and Fabian for working to make this dream come true.

Lyrissa Persaud, Trinidad W.I.

I am an adventurous person and like to think 'Out of the Box" and Go West TT is definitely the best 'Out of the Box" idea for a dinner. Leanna & Fabio made this experience unforgettable with exceptional planning and coordination. Leanna has an eye for detail ensuring everything is in place as requested. My Wife was taken by surprise that something like this, can actually be experienced in Trinidad. The ambience was perfect with flowers, balloons, soft music and the cool Caribbean Breeze onboard the AzzurrO. Thanks again Leanna & Fabio, for an unforgettable "Surprise Anniversary Dinner"

Allan Gittens, Trinidad W.I.

Leanna and Fabio… where can I begin in describing one of the most amazing experiences ever!! Opening with the actual planning and coordination of the 40th Birthday surprise for my boyfriend, Leanna’s excellence and patience really helped in relieving my anxiety about the whole thing… she completely read into my idea of what I wanted the night to be. Her attentiveness and bubbly personality set my mind at ease. They were both very accommodating and assisted wherever they could, from meeting up to collect decorations, to decorating more beautifully than you could hope, to personalised catering and wine. The night was perfectly coordinated and well organised with the most beautiful, romantic, cosy ambiance. A most down to earth host and hostess (with a vision), welcoming and warm added to the experience. We were indeed speechless.
Thank you Leanna and Fabio for a breath taking evening!! Keep up the excellent entertaining!! I wish I could do it all over again sometime!

Sheena Singh, Trinidad W.I.

We wanted our day to be simple, relaxed, and low key, yet elegant, romantic, and meaningful. Go West TT provided nothing short of this and made our dreams a reality. Planning and coordinating our wedding with Leanna and Fabio was a delightful experience. For the month we were in planning, Leanna kept in touch every day, keeping the positive vibes and excitement flowing every step of the way and even after our wedding day.
When it came to our special day, the atmosphere was romantic, the food was delicious, the photography was beautiful, and the ceremony was perfect; our entire trip and experience down the islands was everything we hoped it would be and more. Leanna and Fabio helped create a day that we'll cherish and remember forever.

Leah Naumann, Trinidad W.I.

If I could have given Leanna and Fabio more than 5 stars, I would have.
They are immensely professional; timely, courteous, knowledgeable, well organized and very kind.
Leanna will go out of her way to ensure that what you have planned will be performed in the exact manner and/or recommend options that best suit what you require and Fabio will certainly enhance your experience with his personality and charisma.
This was evident in my marriage proposal to my girlfriend, now fiancé, Ornella B. Maharaj. Everything went exactly as I had planned as they worked hand in hand with me to ensure of that.
From planning, to modifying, to execution and everywhere in between; I make no mistake in saying that they should be your first choice in any event that you are considering!

Travis Ramroop, Trinidad W.I

From the moment I wanted to do my engagement proposal , I knew I wanted to do a romantic dinner on a boat. I found Go West online and I engaged Leanna and Fabio. They were so helpful in giving me so many options. In a matter of weeks, she was already helping me plan the greatest day of my life. Leanna and Fabio ensured everything was up to scratch and that everything went super smooth on the day. I would highly recommend their service to anyone. Thank you Leanna and Fabio.

Chris Meetoo, Trinidad W.I.

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