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Your vacation

"I remember when I left my home. I was not looking for a comfortable life, I was hungry for adventure..." Fabio Branca

Forget about your world, come, follow us, join our travel...

Azzurro is a 32 feet sloop sailing yacht. An adventurous monohull that can comfortably host 1 couple or up to 5 friends. We are part of the same crew and we are looking for adventure or maybe... only for an enjoyable weekend, in total privacy.

Sailing Day Trip

Best Time: All year long; duration: 10am returning at 3pm

preparation: lounge and comfort


A lookout of Chaguaramas and we enjoy the beauty and the secrets of the western side of Trinidad, a peek in Scotland bay or a journey to Monos island. We are going to experience places that only with a private boat you can have access. A sailing day of our coast, find a sweet bay where to have lunch and relax and be back before sunset. 

*Flotation devices and snorkelling gears provided.

*Maximum 6 persons.

*Lunch can be catered for an additional cost, respecting your diet requirement

Priced at TT$2000 (TT$1800 for 2 persons)

For details on our services, phone us at 746-5670

Bryan and Alisha.jpg
Sunset Cruise

Best Time: All year long; duration: 1.5 hours

preparation: lounge and casual


Enjoy a relaxing evening aboard the yacht for our sunset cruise.

Departing at 4:30pm, returning at 6:00pm.

Maximum 3 persons.

Priced at TT$1500

For details on our services, phone us at 746-5670

Add on service: Professional Photograper

Intimate dinner_edited.jpg
Intimate dinner

Best Time: All year long; duration: dinner

preparation: relax for 2 people

Time: 7pm-10pm

Is there anything more intimate than a fine dinner in the total privacy of an elegant boat in the water? Just relax and enjoy our fine food.


A beautiful way to celebrate a special occasion with your partner. A different experience to enjoy life.

Let's help you plan your proposal, birthday or anniversary surprise. Our packages are tailored towards your needs.

Starting at TT$1000

For details on our services, phone us at 746-5670

Add on services: Professional Photographer, Balloons, rose/flowers etc.

Fashion .jpg
Ciao Bella Sunset Experience

Best Time: All year round

Duration: 5:00pm- 6:30pm

Preparation: Confident & Glamorous 

Perfect: For single model or a couple

The perfect dress paired with an incredibly talented fashion photographer on a sailing yacht during that golden hour, sounds absolutely magical.

Make your friends jealous with our Ciao Bella Experience package.

This package includes:

*A dress rental of your choice from Caribbean Dress's closet.

*Ameer Hosein, your professional fashion photographer for the evening.

*Yacht rental with captain and crew aboard AzzurrO.

*Light refreshments

Priced at TT$3500

For details on our services, phone us at 746-5670

Wine Tasting

Best Time: All year long; duration: Evening or after work.

preparation: relax for 4 people

What a beautiful event to enjoy with close friends or family.

Each of our guest receives 4 glasses of wine.

Sommelier Brendon Charles would be your host for the evening.

Priced at $850 per person.

For details on our services, phone us at 746-5670



Hookah (Optional)

Ask about our hookah pipe rental, and enjoy the taste of Morocco.

Rental fee: TT$200/hr

Intimate Lunch Down The Islands

Best Time: All year long, during the work week.

Duration: 10am returning at 3pm

Preparation: lounge and comfort.

Imagine yourself in a secluded bay on our yacht with your beloved, this has to be the definition of romantic. We personalized your 3 course meal based on your taste palate and match it with a bottle of Italian or French wine.

Escape reality if only for a few hours and enjoy this one of a kind experience. 

Starting rate: TT$3500

For details on our services, phone us at 746-5670



Best Time: All year long; duration: 10am returning at 3pm

Maximum: 2 persons (you and your spouse, this is due to COVID-19)

Thinking about ditching the big wedding ceremony and eloping? 

We got you covered! Introducing our "Elope" package .
Get hitched down the islands in true nautical style.

What better way to tie the knot than on the Love Boat, contact us for details regarding our packages.

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