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Teak restoration and trading

The Grade of Teak in the yacht industry

 For important restoration what you are looking for is Teak naturally grown from the forest, not plantation. This is what we offer, from an age older than 85 years. 100% from "Quarter sawn" on face & side. Minimal grain deviation allowed. Stripes allowed. Available thickness from 23mm and 48 mm; Available width: from 80 to 300 mm; Available length: 3000 mm. 

Our location offer the only Burmese teak outside Burma.​ 

The first pure teak plantation was formed in Trinidad in 1913 from the Burma gene (Tectotona Hamiltoniana) (Brooks, 1941) and was probably the first plantation of the region. Little planting took place in the following years but a definite programme began in 1928 (Lamb, 1957). At the beginning, the planting rate was somewhere around 80 ha/year and this was increased to 160 ha/year in 1940/41 and again to 240 ha/year by 1953. Bell (1973) reported an annual expansion of approximately 280 ha/ year. In all, it is estimated that the island possesses at least 9 700 hectares under this species, over 70 per cent the planted area of the region. Dardaine (1972) says that about 14 000 ha of forest land are suitable for establishing plantations in the country. 


Thanks to the governamental regulation, the assignation of the cut of the log is based on a lottery system. The governament of Trinidad and Tobago apply a severe control among the sawmill allowed to collect logs from the ancient forest. This enviromental view from our leaders make the trade of wood a conscious matter.

Our pride, wood artists from the caribbean

If you decide to let us deliver your yacht in the Caribbean and do the job for you. The choise of the right material is nothing without expert hands able to work on it.

Our team of 20 wood workers is led from an expert wood master with 30 years experience and more than 200 yachts done on his back. Artists at work with hands carved in the wood from a long tradition in the deck and interiors design. Indians from roots, the diversity of the culture of this country make their experience the most important piece of this art.

Our project is sustainable and legal

Being in the business where nature is involved is a good way to keep our people interested  in the forest and its fragile life. A constant cleaning of passages and the cut of the older trees allow to new generations of trees to produce more life and oxygen, revitalizing the natural cycle of our precious forest. The Important presence of the government in all the passages from the cut and stock of the logs to the releasing of the licenses and the sawmills, leaves no space for illegal trading of this precious resource. A declaration of origin is always issued when logs are produced.

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