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Contact: +1 868-746-5670

               +1 868-389-1965

Our service

Our way to operate is professional and smooth. The first step will be a chat with you, the owner, to understand your needs and preferences, followed by a personalised quote. We are very flexible about customisations and terms of delivery.


Everybody deserves safety at sea. Is your yacht ready for that?

Safety is top priority for us. We usually spend 4-6 hours checking the condition of your yacht, to be sure that the delivery will be successful.


We carry our technology on board

We own all the best up-to-date technology (plotter, EPIRB, safety gear etc..) and we always bring it with us. This allows the skipper to wear every single device to make the navigation safe and complete the delivery of your vessel smoothly.  


Let's plan the route!

Our main concern is to deliver in a safe manner, without any stress for your yacht. We embrace the Carribean way of life, therefore we enjoy what we do, without any rush! But don’t worry: your deadlines will be met*!

*provided the weather conditions consent a safe navigation


Keep an eye on the weather

We are not afraid of extreme weather, but at the same time we are conscious and wise sailors. That’s why we navigate only if the safety of the people and the yacht are guaranteed.

This may lead  to minor delays, but it will also avoid serious damages and unpleasant extra cost to fix them.



Skipper MCA and Italian licence certified. All certifications available on request. Service available in the Caribbean and Mediterranean Sea.

GO-West tt yacht, deliver your motor or sailing yacht in the Caribbean Sea in the harbour of your choice. 

"Every yacht is looking for its place" 

I copy that

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