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Be free! Is our philosophy.

Quit your Job, buy a ticket, fall in love and never go back.

I did it, and now I'm living in a dream. Be part of this dream.

I left my home because I was hungry for adventure. Tired to have everything I needed, I was looking for freedom, the kind of freedom that you cannot find when you are surrounded by traffic, a stressing job and people that have forgotten about how to enjoy their life everyday. I quit my job, gave up my career.

I said "goodbye" to my friends, not being sure if and when I was going to see them again.

I started from scratch, from an harbour and I had only one idea in mind: going west. I jumped on a sailing yacht going exactly in that direction. It has been a long journey, full of new friends, unforgettable experience and magical places. But one place stole my heart more than the others, and that was the Caribbean. I unexpectedly found my place right in Trinidad and Tobago and here I am still.

Now it is your time. Make your first step in a new direction. Join me and my crew on board of AzzurrO, your yacht in the Caribbean.

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