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Happy New Year- 2020 Synopsis


A difficult year goes away, an even more challenging year begins.


Last year we started our year sailing around the Caribbean aboard AzzurrO, slowly making our way back to Trinidad. Mere days before the lockdown began we made our arrival into port and the decision to haul out so we can do some maintenance to our floating home.

The time was finally here...after years of discussion....we finally took the leap to copper coat AzzurrO saying goodbye to hauling out annually to antifoul.

*Takes deep breath*

Words can't express how many hours Fabio worked on the boat, from dusk to dawn every-single- day, for 4 months none stop! So much that he had an audience, passing by everyday giving words of encouragement and looking on at the transformation taking place.

Fabio not only removed all the years of old antifouling off the boat, he sanded the entire boat, removed blisters, fiberglassed, epoxy and sanded the hull following her curves, re-gel coated the inside, redid the wood inside, prime and painted the hull, applied the copper coat all whilst finding time to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner and to top it off, sleeping in the van and fighting a different battle in the night.... mosquitoes *sigh

You're probably wondering where was I during the maintenance of the boat..

I took that time to spend with my mother and dogs, doing some gardening, giving each other a haircut from time to time, helping her in her business (mass producing mask for the energy sector) and working on my side hustle (

In late April, I noticed my male dog was acting differently and I wasted no time taking him to the Vet, after a routine blood test that showed positive results, and ultrasound showed something that made my heart drop into my belly....they found cancer in his stomach

My world collapsed when that news hit me, and having to repeat that story to my mother and my husband didn't make it easier.

A new role was assigned to me, the role of a nurse. Taking care of my baby boy during this trying time in his life.

Vyan was 10 years old, and passed away on the 18th of June. The day I lost piece of my heart, a piece I'll never get back.

The day before his passing I told Fabio we needed him, he needs to visits us and spend some time with Vyan and our other dog, Bindi. Deep down I knew that was the last night we had with him, and we were there, right at his side, when he took his last breath.

A molding I made of Vyan's paw between our hands.


July 1st, we splashed AzzurrO!

Around the time when the lockdown was lifted.

We were ready to start back to work.

So now is time to thank everyone for making this possible. You, with partners, friends and families gave us the chance to share your personal experience with us and making it such a great memory.

We wish everyone to stay focus and determined on achieving your own personal success in a year that will show, deeply again, the essentiality of what really matter.

So may the 2021 be the year of consciousness and unity.

-Fabio & Leanna.


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