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Setting Sail to Mental Wellness: Navigating Human Challenges with a Life Coach.

Many years ago, living my 8-4 life in Europe, I was approaching the time in which you see, in your surrounding friends, the dance of conventions taking place. The time to settle down and do your part in creating a family and behaving like society show us. I realized, I wasn’t ready, It wasn’t for me.

I ask myself a really honest question expecting a really honest answer: ”is this the kind of life I want for my future family, is this the kind of person I want to be for my future family?

Staring at my past I couldn’t see any gap in fulfilling what I was told to be a conforming life to the standard of being a decent citizen so how I couldn’t be satisfied with the outcome. I was doing everything they told me to do and then, I wasn’t fully happy. It was like something was missing. Something about experiencing life wasn’t there. And I couldn’t sleep about it.

I lost myself in mountains, alone with myself. Spending nights being frightened by the unsustainable noise ants can make while walking across your tent. Walking In deserts, guided by local kids only staring at the stars. Tribes in the jungle, that without wearing a watch could tell you when was the right time to eat, to hunt, to say thank you to the only god they knew, nature itself.

Then, one day, I saw myself as a kid playing at the playground, naturally happy of experiencing life and I soon realized that, during all those lifetime activities, the carrier, the study, the familyhood, I forgot about the most important element, myself.

Distracted from externality, entertained by artificiality, I forgot about the only game that really matter, to care about the most important character of the story, loving the most important individual, myself.

I then decided that a fresh start was needed.

Life Coach, Fabio Branca
Life Coach- Fabio Branca

Against all the odds and causing deep disappointment from family and friends, especially the ones that are not, and partner, one step away from that lifetime decisions, I decided to took care of myself in the most loving and selfish way. Travelling on my own. I was on a mission. I left my birth place with a toothbrush and an empty backpack trying to figure out how to build a better myself.

Hitch-hiking sailing boats of any size, from the nearby marina, I so travelled for six months, six sailing boats across seas and one ocean, numerous friends, experiences, places, cultures until, while I was still looking, addicted to the beauty of roaming the world for cheap, the epiphany stroke hard. There was no room for other thoughts and then everything became so clear.

The world around me, the people, myself was just the most valuable treasure that was hiding in plain sight, readily available to be discovered anytime, never left from inside-out me… but my eyes… something wrong with them, they were not seeing such a clear truth.

More years to come, realizations after realizations and studies on many subjects took place from that first hint of clarity. Attracting new people and sharing stories with them, I soon recognized in them my past self, my agonies for that untold truth, the anger, the uncomfortable feeling of being in the wrong place, in the wrong body even, or that sensation that we are not doing the right things, or we don’t even have a path for our self, so frustrating! Like our judgment system is corrupted and unable to tell us what is right from what is wrong for us, so much suffering! So much self-sabotage.

I saw them all, suffering my own pain, questioning the same questions and I also saw the excitement of a new journey to come.

Each of us can access to a better self. We just need a guidance to direct us.

It became clear and now I’m here to listen.

Fabio Branca.

Life Coach.

+1-868- 384-5779


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