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Once upon a time...

Today's story is about a lovely couple, Ezekiel & Carina.

I still remember the day Ezekiel contacted me expressing the love he has for Carina and that he wanted us to plan his special day (December 21st 2017 to be exact). We orchestrated and executed the most romantic proposal aboard the yacht. Carina had no idea what she was in for...

Since this magically night, we always kept in touch and had the opportunity to meet again and again.

Carina and Ezekiel called us to let us know the date for their wedding and we immediately made a note on our calendar to not take any bookings on that weekend.

June 9th, 2018 creeped up on us and so we began our journey to Fyzabad. The venue was beautifully decorated and every little detail mattered, Carina and Ezekiel chose only the best team to work with for their big day. Ravi Lakhan did the bridal bouquet and the bouquet for the bridal party (groomsmen and bridesmaids) and photography and videography was done by the only and only Karima & Clinton, another power couple!

Ravi , Karimah and Clinton have done work for Go West, so we saw lots of familiar faces and work.

We wanted to take this time to extend a big congratulation to Ezekiel & Carina, wishing you only the best in this new chapter in this book called Life.

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